Genital herpes


Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease caused by infection with the herpes virus. Symptoms may begin to appear not only immediately after sexual activity, but also months or years later, or they may recur many years later.


Once the initial infection occurs, the herpes virus continues to infect the nerve roots and recurs as immunity declines. Early treatment is crucial, so please see a doctor as soon as possible before the disease worsens. It starts with a tingling pain, and when multiple ulcers (like mouth sores) occur, they are extremely painful. As the disease worsens, the genital area becomes swollen and some patients have difficulty urinating.


Our clinic uses a kit that provides immediate results, so we can make a reliable diagnosis in a few minutes. Treatment by oral medication and, in severe cases, intravenous infusion is also used.


Suppressive therapy is recommended in cases of repeated recurrences.