Our clinic sees atheroma cases most frequently. Atheroma is a cyst from which smelly material drains if you squeeze it. You hardly feel pain if it is not infected. Squeezing the atheroma on your own will not cure it. The size ranges from several cm to over 10cm, one that covers the entire genital area.

Atheroma is often confused with “lumps of fat” or “lipoma, ” but actually it frequently turns out to be atheroma. We deal with severe cases on outpatient visit. Almost all the atheroma surgeries in Japan (over 1000 cases) are done at our clinic. Contact us if you notice the symptoms because early treatment is essential.


Even people without experience of sexual intercourse may get atheroma. You may have it on any area of your body since it is a bump surrounded by a layer of skin, which is mainly filled with skin cells and fat. Its cause is still unclear, but it is believed to be caused by small wounds on the skin.

The exact cause of atheromas is not fully known, but it is suspected that atheromas occur from tiny injuries on skin, which cause inflammation.


Discharging the content repeatedly can make it worse unless it is fully cured.  The entire sac needs to be removed with surgery because it could be with you forever if left untreated. There are cases where doctors repeatedly drain it with a needle, which causes a more severe condition and makes surgery more complicated. In many cases, it is possible that the skin is deformed and may be difficult to heal completely.


We seldom do surgical stitching. By cutting the cyst open and finishing with lasers, it can be treated, leaving a smaller surgical wound. In addition, the wound will be hardly noticeable or painful after surgery. In most cases, we make an incision 0.5 to 2cm long. We ask the patients to take care of themselves by applying a medical tape to the surgical wound and ointment on it. It is possible to make a small incision even for atheromas with over 10cm in diameter.


Scars generally heal in about 1 week, and it takes about 1 month to be unnoticeable.

There are more cases among smokers in which multiple atheromas occur on the vulva causing a deformity. Skin types are inherited, so close relatives often develop atheromas as well.


It is possible to have a same day consultation and removal procedure in the case of a single atheroma. However, in the case of multiple atheromas, you need to make an appointment to ensure that all are removed.  

We perform surgery to remove atheromas on the whole body, including the face and chest. Approximately 10% of our surgeries for atheromas are on regions other than the genital region. We have come up with ways to remove atheromas on the face making a scar less noticeable.

We have appointment slots at 9:00am and 3:00pm.

Please call us for more information.


● Estimated fee

Initial consultation fee: about 8,000 yen

Surgery cost: about 20,000-40,000 yen (surgery fee + booking fee)