Bartholin's gland abscess ・ Skene's gland abscess 


Bartholin’s gland abscess occurs when Bartholin's glands, the glands on either side of the vagina, are clogged and filled with mucus. If there is no infection, there is no pain. However, if it becomes infected and pus accumulates, it can cause severe pain and swelling. It may heal spontaneously, but if you feel any discomfort, please see a doctor.


If the cyst is punctured and its contents are aspirated, it may settle for a short time, but without radical surgery, it may become repeatedly infected and painful.


We have come up with a method to prevent recurrence by injecting steroids and keeping pressure on the area. We can also perform radical surgery for those who repeatedly have recurrences. The surgery is performed by using a laser to completely burn off the entire sac of Bartholin's glands. The surgical scar will probably be less than 2 cm in diameter and not noticeable.


If your Bartholin's glands rapidly become swollen and painful, please come to our clinic as soon as possible or contact us first. (06-6195-6886)



  • Estimated fee

First consultation fee: about 8,000 yen

Surgery cost: about 30,000 yen (surgery fee + booking fee)