Boils / Cysts


We perform radical surgery. Even if there is no problem with your regular medical checkups, you may develop malignant tumors (cancer, sarcoma). Therefore, we make precise diagnoses Based on our data, the most probable diagnoses of boils/cysts are as follows:

◎    If it is painful:

  1. Atheroma
  2. Bartholin’s cyst

◎    If it is painless:

  1. Condyloma acuminatum
  2. Fibroepithelial neoplasm
  3. Atheroma
  4. Bartholin’s gland adenoma
  5. Lentigo

*According to our data presented at conferences/published in medical papers


Possible boils in the genital area, the vulva, and the buttocks are Bartholin’s abscess, condyloma acuminatum, vulva herpes, atheroma, fibroepithelial neoplasm, hamartoma, Bowenoid papulosis, lipoma, varicose vein, multiple syringoma, and so on. Be sure to see a doctor before it gets worse even if you might feel embarrassed to do so. If it is a mild case, you will have minimal pain during surgery and faster recovery. There is a slight possibility of a malignant tumor (cancer); The percentage of lipoma is only 0.8 %, and it is not painful and does not easily burst.


We perform various surgeries, most of which are surgeries of a mole and fibroepithelial neoplasm, followed by angioma, varicose vein, lipoma, and intraepithelial tumor.


We have examined a large number of vulvar tumor cases. Contact us early if you have persistent symptoms, or if your symptoms remain undiagnosed at other clinics. We conduct pathological examinations at the time of surgery and confirm the diagnosis. We also diagnose with magnifying glasses, such as dermoscopy and colposcopy, which is unique to our clinic with a dermatology department attached.


It is possible to have day surgery for tumors smaller than palm-size. For bigger ones, we ask that you make an appointment for consultation first.

We perform surgery every day and make day surgery possible with local anesthesia.